We Are In This All Together

Beyond helping people find and manage properties, Trintals has made it a priority to care just as much for the environment that surrounds them. 

Dramatic changes are happening in our ecosystem, directly impacting us all more each day. The global effect is large but so much can be traced back to normal people making small choices. As citizens of this planet, if we want to continue to breathe clean air, drink unpolluted water and eat uncontaminated food, it becomes our duty to contribute in any way possible without waiting on others to do it for us.

Considering this, Trintals is committed to doing our share to reduce the carbon footprint by having a completely digital operation through the elimination of paper products and an emphasis on recycling. 

The wide-angle view of recycling

Although most people understand that recycling is beneficial, many don’t fully grasp the scope of what’s at stake. The effort reduces resource consumption and toxic by-products attached to creating new products as well as the more obvious pollution when we throw them away.  Recycling cuts our reliance on landfills and their downstream effects: the discharge of poisonous substances that get into the groundwater, the methane emitted to the atmosphere, the dangers to wildlife, the wasted land that is utilized for this purpose, not to mention the hideous stench that permeates the area. 

It may appear to be the responsibility of big industry but it all starts with individual consumer demand. So, as a consuming individual (like all of us really are), what can you do? Your best contribution is to avoid items/packaging that cannot be recycled. For everything else, make recycling a priority. Clean and separate items to the best of your ability (sorting in the facility is one of the most costly steps in this process).

Furthermore, use less energy by using energy efficient lighting products, minimize use of electricity and adjust your furnace, air conditioning and such to settings recommended by the utility company.

What can one human do?

Regardless of your belief system or political ideology, it’s a plain fact that we could and should be taking much better care of planet earth. The first step is admitting that there is indeed a problem that we all have contributed to. Then see what little adjustments you can make in your own daily life to reduce or eliminate harmful waste.

Some simple but effective good habits include:

  • Drink water from a reusable container instead of buying bottles. 
  • Use canvas shopping bags instead of plastic bags at the store.
  • If you must use plastic bags try and re-use them once or twice. 
  • Use energy efficient appliances and switch off when not in use.
  • Plan your meals to eliminate spoilage and compost any wasted food.

Try a new perspective

Trintals will continue doing our share to raise awareness in our community and beyond. As leaders in the home rental marketplace, we suggest managing the environment like a rental property. We encourage you to imagine that each of us is a tenant AND a landlord of our planet earth. Live, grow and be happy in your beautiful home and eventually you will move on and a new generation will move in. Just like you, they’ve invested everything they have in this place so try and leave the property as good or perhaps even better than the way you found it. The little things you do can make a whole world of difference.